She’s Savi the Sleeping Witch. Her powers are dream related and she gets around by riding a giant body pillow. While she does have the ability to make your dreams come true, they never really turn out the way you’d have in mind. She’s definitely the “careful what you wish for” type witch. Her familiar is a maltese named Ace. He’s an angel with people and loves cats but really isn’t fond of other dogs. He helps keep Savi the Sleeping Witch out of trouble for the most part. She’s been known to sleep talk so you can hold full conversations with her at anytime. Her powers are almost useless when she is awake but she can still get around on her flying body pillow and cast sleeping spells. She offers her services to insomniacs and parents that can’t get their babies to sleep. She is in love with the Sandman and his work but is too shy to approach him so she admires him from afar. Enjoy!!