The first two panels are characters that belong to Jordan. I hope he doesn’t mind. The girl isn’t exactly how he described to me but I chose to declare “artistic license” for it. Durp durp durp. Currently working on a poster for him and they just invaded my comic for no reason.

I’m still sick. I really don’t want to go to the doctor again but all the natural remedies and pharmacy medicines aren’t doing much. I’m afraid it’ll be the 3rd time I’ll be put on antibiotics within a span of three months and it makes me uncomfortable. What is the deal this year? Am I making up for all the previous years where I only got the sniffles?

I went to a release party last night for Johnny Wander and got to see Evan, Lela, Ananth, Yuko, and Darryl! Branson was there and brought me home after the event. I miss living in Brooklyn. I was doing well until I felt I had to cough because I couldn’t breathe. Luckily the coat closet was open and I got to grab my inhaler. Crisis averted! Don’t think I should have had a beer since I had taken pain killers before going to the event. A lot of “Why did you do this?” happened in my mind last night. I probably should have stayed at home and kept resting since I work today but the fangirl in me prevailed. Now I have signed comics to read on my way to work today.

Anyways, No color this time but I’ll be back on the unlazy war path soon. Sorry I’m so chatty! I have such much to do before work. Ciao! Thanks for stopping by!