Yes! And my internet connection is working today. Very good. So lately I’ve been very moody. It could be lack of sun, the cold weather, battles with lingering cold symptoms, missing family, and cash shortage. Whatever the reason it is all things I deal with through out the year and nothing I can’t handle. Still, stress and depression are best buds that like visiting at the same time.

This strip is sharing my feelings about that. Knowing that everyone has days when they break down and need to get back up is comforting. It is also comforting to know that you don’t always need to do it alone. Or that you can if you want too! I like to think I’m very independent so when it comes to asking for help I take a bit longer than others to ask for it.

I was having a mini panic attack about “the future” and luckily just sitting around Branson calmed me down. It also helped that I got to play Animal Crossing City Life until I passed out. That game is so cute. I love Animal Crossing.