I don’t know why I haven’t called her for so long. I knew she was busy this weekend but before that I didn’t call her much either. The last time I called her she was busy and I figured I’d try again the next day but I never did. Last night she called me and said “You sound happy!” and I was because I’m happy she called but I couldn’t think of anything to say after that. “Well, I’m going to go to sleep and wanted to hear from you. I love you. Good night!” and that was the end of it.

I could have said anything. Mami, guess what! I have a dentist appointment tomorrow! I’m going to rebleach my hair and see if I can get it even more blue! I’m still applying for new jobs! I trimmed Ace’s hair and have been filing his nails so they don’t click on the floor so much when he walks! I went to the gym last week! Hopefully I can get myself to go more often! I’m going to bake Jen’s birthday cake on Friday! Also on Friday I’m going to a comic book signing in Brooklyn. I haven’t missed going to church since I’ve come back to NYC! Did you know that originally last Sunday was supposed to be the last day of Christmas? The church shortened it for some reason. It has been cold and there was a lot of snow the other day but I’m staying warm. When I got home from work I was taking off my boots and the sole came off! Now I need new boots but don’t want to spend money. Maybe it would be cheaper to take them to a cobbler? I missed Lunar New Years in China Town again this year. Hopefully I can go next year if I’m still in NYC. And those are all the things that came to my mind this morning! SIGH. Oh well, maybe I’ll call her tonight.