Mom just called to say hello. So I was able to wake up early and do my daily comic before 10:30 today! Now I have some extra time to get ready for work.

I got my wait list email from Anthrocon. Hopefully some spaces open up and I can get a table. So when I was younger my dad taught me some calligraphy. In college I took a hand lettering class. Almost two years ago I got a freelance job hand lettering wedding invitations. Needless to say, I like hand lettering. It’s cool and fun and creative. A real under appreciated art form. Anyways, I made a lesson plan for it and did the first run on Tuesday. It was a bit failure filled. Today I hope the kids are more into it. It would be nice if I had dip pens & ink for the classes. I think they’d have more fun if it was available.

Also feeling anxious today so I lit my lavender candle. Going to make some tea and try to relax before work.