I’ve become an adult. I know this because when I deal with children I find myself thinking “Back in my day…”

What is up with the middle school kids? The get up all the time. Why you hafto get up all the time? OH RIGHT, THEY DON’T GET RECESS. Honestly, they have so much energy I’m surprised they even bother with the art part of this after school program sometimes. When I bring out my sketchbook or doodle something silly they freak out. In a good way, of coarse! It helps my ego. Still, they are showing this pattern I’m not too fond of. “I can’t draw.” “I could never draw like that.” “Can you draw me?” Today I gave them all mirrors so they can draw self portraits. Only three did it without asking me to draw anything for them. They tried their best and it was amazing. I LOVED their drawings. Sure, it looked nothing like them but they tried, had fun, and did their best. That’s what I want.

I say the usual, “It doesn’t need to be perfect.” “Just have fun.” “Try your best.” The kids just whine and have an attitude if I don’t “help” them. By help, I mean draw most of it for them. I also ask them, “Do you draw everyday?” and they usually answer “No.” So I reply with “Then how do you expect to be amazing at drawing if you don’t practice? You didn’t learn to walk and talk over night. You had to practice. Same with drawing” Then they roll their eyes, click their tongues and pout. Or put the paper and supplies to the side and act up. I love them but some days I wish I can send them back in time to when students respected teachers and actually got to learn things in class. I ain’t a perfect teacher but I know I ain’t horrible. End rant.