Last night I was trying to find a radio station I would like and found one that was playing classical music. As I set the alarm and went to sleep. It was nice waking up this morning and having the alarm clock on my desk. When I was in Florida I realized most of my life I had been listening to the radio. Only when I moved to NYC did I stop. My dad listens to NPR, jazz, oldies, and classical music. My mom would listen to Spanish, Christian, and whatever my dad would leave on the radio. Not having to worry about internet access to listen to music while working is nice.

Made a schedule for when to take my medications today. I remember when I was younger my parents made the mistake of giving me all my medicine as the same time. It just seemed more convenient and the directions didn’t say it would be bad idea. Oh early 90’s. Haha, we quickly learned I cannot mix certain medicines. Maybe I can make a daily about that. Hopefully this will kick my mucus terror time in the face and I can get back to my normal medicine free routine!