My train home was already delayed so I arrive and hour late. Then the cat wasn’t at home. I’m thinking he may have run out when I had gone to walk Ace a second time and I didn’t notice? How did I not notice a massive cat running out of the apartment? I have no idea. Anyways, while I sent Jen out to look for him under cars I called the microchip people and looked around the apartment one more time.

From upstairs I heard a very loud meow and then some shuffling and scrambling. Then my doorbell rang. “We have you cat.” So I ran up and saw him hissing and backed into a corner. I tried talking to calm him down and reached my hand out. He swatted at me. At this point I figured it would take too long to calm him down and I should just accept the fact that I won’t be getting out of this situation damage free. So I reached my hand under the table he was sitting under as he scratched and chomped down. Grabbed him by the scruff of the neck and pulled him up into my chest where I hugged him as he continued to his and growl. Once back in the apartment I asked if he was hungry as I plopped him on the floor next to Ace. He meowed and walked gingerly to his bowl. That’s when I noticed blood trickling down my arm. Sigh. Cats.

I’m ok and the blood stopped as soon as I washed my hand. Put on some hello kitty bandaids. Jen is going to get a bell to put on him so it’ll be harder for him to sneak out. I’m glad he was ok.