The last few days I’ve been waking up with pain in my chest on the left side. Trust me I keep wondering if I’m having a heart attack. My mom thinks it is stressed and offered to take me to the hospital. I think it might be a combination of how I’m sleeping, stress, and depression. Possibly gas too. Eh, I dunno what to do. I really don’t want to drop dead but I also don’t want to pay a hospital bill. I have insurance but it kinda sucks. I’m also bummed that I feel gloomy when the weather is so nice here. I’m grateful to be home with my family and even more grateful I get to spend so much time with my brother’s son. I just want to hug him all the time. He wouldn’t like it because he wants to play instead. Anytime I hear “I love you titi!” My heart feels better for a little bit. Ace tolerates him but I’ll write about that tomorrow.